Spring! (and hot springs!)

In honor of spring (that is hopefully here to stay), this post recognizes some of the beautiful hot springs in British Columbia! After a long hike, what could be better than soaking in a natural hot tub to reward your hard-working muscles? Here are a few spots that indulge both adventuring and relaxing.

For a unique experience, try out the Dewar hot springs near Kimberley, BC. This hot spring is truly natural in that you have to drive up a rough logging road, and then hike your way up to the springs; they have not been developed at all, but there is a campsite half a kilometer away. Make sure you do not try this hike unless you have detailed instructions.

Another natural hot springs is the Meager Creek hot springs, located near Pemberton. It is a difficult location to get to, involving 7 kilometers of hiking with both river and creek crossings. There is a small fee to access the springs, and camping is primitive. Unfortunately the Meager Creek area is also one of the most landslide prone areas in British Columbia, which causes safety issues and closes the springs for weeks at a time. Those who have made the trek have all positive reviews though, so if you have the opportunity and ability to visit, really consider doing so!

Harrison hot springs is a popular destination, with options several different camping options available (so you don’t have to fork out a small fortune to stay at the resort), and hikes ranging from the easy 30 minute Spirit Trail to the 7hr Bear Mountain hike. You can dip in the springs at both the resort and the public pool.

Ainsworth hot springs is near Nelson, BC and features a 150-foot horseshoe hot cave, as well as a pool and stream-fed polar dip. It is located near Kootenay Glacier Provincial Park as well as many smaller trails.


The hot cave at Ainsworth Hot Springs. Photo courtesy of hotnaturally.com

We’ve only highlighted a few hot springs here. There are endless other hot spring options throughout British Columbia, ranging from wilderness to resorts and everything in between. The location of hot springs is often perfect for a backpacking getaway, and the two are a great combination for working yourself and then relaxing.


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